Funnels looking a bit…funky?

Automations stealing your time instead of saving it?

Email marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Whether you’re just getting started with building your list, or you’ve decided that the time has come to migrate to ConvertKit, it’s time to make your list work for you.

Y’know, so you can do the work that you’re here to do.

My name is Lousine, and I’m here to help you take advantage of all of the features that ConvertKit has to offer your business.

MailChimp too bloated? Drip too… drippy? Whatever the reason, if you’ve decided it’s time to migrate your list to ConvertKit, I’m here for you.

Let’s strategize, transfer, integrate, customize, and import our way to a well-leveraged list.

Check out more about what this entails, and then let’s get in touch about the specifics.

Oh? You’re already using ConvertKit? Awesome! If you’re too busy to set up segments, sequences, tags, forms, funnels, automations, rules, or manage integrations, I’d love to help!

ConvertKit account resembles a many-headed-hydra? Time for an audit! Get in touch with me 😉

Learn more here!

Just need a little help?

Just need a little help?

Get in touch with me to schedule a troubleshooting session. If you know what you want to do already but aren’t quite set on how to make it work, let’s put our heads together and work it out.