Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hey all! I’m currently selling my undergrad prints at lowered prices in order to raise money for the Texas Organizing Project. Hurricane Harvey has affected hundreds of thousands of people– leaving them without electricity, homes, clothing, food. The numbers aren’t what’s important, though. We have to step in and do what we can to help. I know it’s hard to just throw in cash when you’re making like $9/hr and paying rent/student loans, so I’m offering prints starting at $25, which is like a night’s worth of tips for some of us. You’ll be helping someone in need, and getting a beautiful piece of art in return! 80% of the proceeds are going to the TOP. The remaining 20% cover shipping costs and materials.

If you want to donate, head over to , send me a message and tell me which print you want, and send however much you feel you can pay to over paypal.


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